About Us

From an experiment to an international destination to thousands of shoppers, this family-owned business has gone far.

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In 2009, we first opened our doors as a neighborhood sporting goods store. At first, it was hard to break through in a crowded marketplace. But, a few brands believed in us, and provided support that was needed to grow and stay ahead of the competition. In the begining, our company was just a few dreamers working long hours, ensuring that all orders were shipped and emails were answered, products were on the shelf and that envelopes didn't run out.

Fast forward several years. Skipper Gear is now serving customers out of several warehouses, using state-of-the-art technology with an ever growing team. We developed a sophisticated network of carrier relationships and are able to serve nearly all of the U.S. with 2nd Day deliveries at no extra cost. Also, whether you're in England, Australia, or South Africa, we can reach you anywhere in the world.

We currently partner with household name brands such as Mechanix Wear, NEBO Tools, and Mikasa Sports, and are always building new relationships.